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Problem Solving

4to12maths Problem Solving

As a frequently requested feature, 4to12maths will introduce a dedicated problem-solving practice area. You may already be familiar with the problem solving skills titled as 'Word Problems' skills within the practice strands. These 'Word Problems' questions are related to the skills learned within the same mathematical  strand.


However to emphasize problems solving as a separate area where the mathematical concepts learned via practice can be applied to problem-solving situations, the problem solving area will :

  • Organize problem solving question by topic e.g. soccer, shopping.

  • Per topic an information page is displayed to the student, containing facts and figures relevant to the topic.

  • The student will be asked questions related to the topic which may require reading the topic information page.

  • As an incentive a topic badge may be earned when a student gains 100+ points via answering topic questions correctly

As with everyday life, knowing what rules to apply does not guarantee you get the correct answer. Problem Solving allows students to use and enhance their logic and reasoning skills to decide on a process to apply to a question which may involve a learned algorithm or developing their own approach. By enhancing a student problem solving techniques (skills), he or she will be able to respond to unfamiliar situations with more confidence and efficiency.

Problem solving is currently being beta-tested by selected schools and we plan to make it a fully accessible feature of the website during Oct 2012.

The 4to12maths Team



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