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Negative Scoring

4to12maths Negative Scoring


Thanks to all who recently provided feedback on how you use 4to12maths.com in the classrom and at home. One recurring theme we found was that the negative scoring was too severe within the question practice area. As a result we have taken the steps to temporarily disabled negative scoring within question practice only.

The next step to to provide a mechanism for parents & teachers to choose the type of negative scoring they deem appropiate either per student or at a class level. Proposed options include:
  • No negative scoring

  • Use the current 4to12maths.com standard scoring pattern

  • Enable a fixed negative scoring pattern e.g always -1 for an incorrect answer

We will be working with our feedback users to provide the best way for parent and teachers to easily enable the negative scoring system they deem appropiate.

The 4to12maths Team

Negative Scoring Update (22/12/12)

We have decided to provide the parent/teacher the option to choose the type of negative scoring they wish to use PER student. By default all students are set to use NO negative scoring. A parent/teacher can enable the type of negative scoring they wish to use PER student on the 'Manage children/students' page accessible via their dashboard.

The options available are:

  • No negative scoring (default setting)

  • Nominal negative scoring, i.e. -1 for each incorrect answer

  • The 4to12maths.com inteligent scoring system


The 4to12maths Team


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